Adding a batch of members to a scheme

The spreadsheet displayed contains all employees. To review information across the whole spreadsheet use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. Any employees that are already members of the scheme will have a red square to the left of their name. 

Complete all the white boxes for the employees to be added to the scheme. If the information is the same for all members, complete the top line and by clicking on the title bar your answer is copied down the whole of the column. If an employee is not to be included select opt out in the 8th column.

Once the spreadsheet is completed, click   at the top of the screen.

All selected staff members will now show as members of the scheme.

If a member has been marked as ‘Opt out’ and wants to join the scheme at a later date then amend the status of the member in the All tab from ‘Opt out’ to ‘Proposed’ or ‘In force’. Ensure the NRA (normal retirement age) is completed to move the employee into the membership list.  

Each record set up using this batch method will need to be entered onto and any critical information completed (such as contract number).