Adding a Partner record

Adding a partner to a client record links two records together so that joint reporting and fact finding can be done.  Joint holdings need only be added for one of the client files and will auto update the partner.  Individual holdings can be added to either record.

Locate the client that you wish to add a partner record to.  As with a client, check whether that the partner is not already recorded on CCD.

If the partner does not exist on CCD, use the ‘Create partner’ link on the client record:

Complete the partner fields in the same way that you did for the client.  Some of the data that was keyed in for the client will pre-populate but you should ensure that all relevant fields are completed correctly:

Once you have added a partner you will see that the link on the menu bar has changed from CREATE to VIEW. This means that it is possible to toggle between the client and the partner record.

You need to visit the PERSONAL screen on each person’s record to define the relationship between the partners: