Adding an initial piece of Remuneration

To add a new piece of one off remuneration to a holding, click on the 

and complete the following:

Complete the Amount due field and then using the ‘Apply VAT’ box confirm whether VAT is payable. In this example of a fee, the ‘Apply VAT’ has been ticked and after recording the amount of the fee (£795), CCD has calculated the VAT amount (£159).

Ensure the One-Off and fee treatment boxes are completed as these are critical fields for the RMAR return.

Once the amount has been added a red Q is added to the screen. This shows that this amount has been moved into the Admin module remunerations section and into the ‘Amounts due’ waiting to be paid list.

If ‘Claw back’ is selected from the previous page a ‘minus’ will appear in the field. Simply add the amount that is being clawed back.

Return to the holdings main remuneration page and this amount will now show as due waiting to be paid. The ‘Amount paid’ and ‘Paid date’ will auto complete as the amount is reconciled in the Admin module- ‘Remunerations’.