Adding an On-Going/Regular Remuneration

To add a regular or on-going remuneration select the correct remuneration basis from the drop down box. You can also confirm whether this is ‘flat’ amount or a percentage:

Once the correct remuneration basis has been selected, click into the required tab at the bottom of the screen. If ‘On-going Adviser Charge’ has been selected, use the tab ‘Renewal’ from the bottom of the screen. This would be what you would see if ‘flat’ amount is chosen:

To set the information in the ‘Remuneration amount’ and ‘Commencement date’ fields, use

 if the information in blue is correct.

If the information is not correct, add the information into the fields manually.

When the ‘Renewal transfer flag’ is set to ‘YES’ and the next due to posted date and the ‘Current month’ date are the same the amount will transfer to the amounts due list in the next posting routine. How to do this is covered later in this guide.

If you are setting up an historic record and the commencement date is in the past to avoid multiple entries being posted to the amounts due adjust the “last posted date” so that only the next due amount is posted.

For Percentage renewal the screen will look like this: