Adding Employees to the Corporate Client

It is important that before any ‘employee’ record is created the whole of your client data base is searched to make sure that you do not already have the employee entered as an individual client. 

If after searching you find that the ‘employee’ is already on your data base use the Employer field on the front page of the individual’s record. Click in the field and a list of all clients who are recorded as ‘Corporate’ will show.   Select the employer. This client will then automatically appear in the employees’ list in the ‘corporate’ client.

If the ‘employee’ is not already on your database, go to the employees’ list within the corporate client’s record . You will then be asked a series of questions.

You will now be asked to complete the full details for the ‘employee’.

Ensure as many fields as possible are completed on the ‘Employment’ and ‘Key person’ screens (if applicable).