Adding the Initial Contribution to a Wrap (If money)

Contributions or assets that are being transferred into a Wrap, must come through the Cash account, which will automatically get set up when the initial contribution is added.

To add the initial contribution or asset to a Wrap, select the ‘+Add Contribution’ button and complete the following screens:

Now complete the screen which is displayed. This screen is displayed the first-time money is added to a Wrap. With subsequent contributions, the screen does not contain the top section.

The following series of pop up boxes will then appear:

Once the above boxes have been completed, the system will go to the Cash account Product screens:

If the Switch to Wrap button is used, you will be take back to the Details section.  Click back to Contributions to view and spend the contribution.

Further contributions can be added to the Cash account by selecting ‘+Add Contribution’ once again at the top right of the screen.

As the Cash account has now been set up, only the contribution details need to be recorded:

Once the screen has been completed, select ‘Add Contribution’.   The following pop up box will then appear: