Additional Client Information

As additional information is collected it should be added into CCD. Two of the sections on the main Clients menu that will require additional information adding are Marketing and Servicing.

In the Marketing section in the ‘Meetings’ tab, you can add details of any meetings arranged.  Once the date, time and place details have been added click on the    button to complete full details of the meeting (pre and post meeting notes can be added).  This will create a permanent record on your client file of all meetings that take place:

Click on the ‘Add record’ button to record more details of the meeting.  As confirmed you can add both pre and post meeting information.  Also if the meeting information on the screen shot above is completed, you can set up a standard letter with merge fields, which will auto-fill from these fields.

In the ‘Servicing’ tab you can add client sservicing proposition details),this will then populate the frequency for  valuation and reviews. 

You will then need to set the first date that you require the valuations and review to take place. CCD will then calculate the following date. – Please refer to section 7 of this manual for details on completing reviews and valuations. 

 To record money laundering details for a client, go to the Documents section from the main Clients menu and then the ‘Identity’ tab.

Should you need to print off the verification there are two options, the ‘Confirmation of Verification of Identity’ which you will find on the ‘Name’ tab and the “old” style ‘Identity Verification Certificate’ which you will find under the ‘Archive’ tab.   It is the old style certificate that prints off the full details that you collected.