How do I issue marketing communication?

Once your marketing records have been established, the third stage to a marketing campaign is to set the text which is to be used. Click on the Set standard text option at the top of your screen.

You are now able to manually enter the text you wish to issue. Alternatively you may choose a pre-prepared standard message. To select a standard message, at the top left of your screen you will be prompted to Select standard message text. Using the drop down boxes identifies the message and it will be displayed, in full, for you. At this stage you may alter it to suit your requirements. If you wish to add a data item into the letter you have to double click on the text.
When you are happy with your text, click on the last option at the top of your screen Merge data. Confirm that you wish to create the marketing records on this setup and your CCD system will prepare the records and create the communication to your clients. You may view the communication by clicking on View Letter/e-mail dated xxxxxx for name of your client.
Using the Rolodex at the top of your screen you may move through your communications and amend the text to personalise it to suit any specific clients. Once completed click on Return at the top of your screen. You may now batch print any letters or batch send any e-mails by clicking on Batch print all x letters dated xxx