How do I post renewal and regular commission?

To reconcile renewal and regular commission on a monthly basis, each month this commission must be Posted.

Posting is the means by which CCD will gather up all the regular commission due for the month and record it in the 'Amounts due' section to enable it to be reconciled.  Posting must be done at least once a month, but we would recommend that it is done more frequently.

If Posting is missed one month, then this will mean that the regular commission expectations will not be there for the missed month to enable it to be reconciled, therefore it is vitally important that this is done on a monthly basis.

It does not matter if posting is done numerous times during the month, this will not create multiple expectations.

To post each month, navigate to Admin > Commissions > Postings:

Depending on the types of commission/fees that have been recorded, not all of these lines may need to be clicked on.  

For instance, if you do not have Adviser Fees recorded in the Compliance Module, which is a set amount of money that Advisers pay from their commission each month, then there is no requirement to click on the fourth line 'Post all Adviser fees to be deducted from commission statements'.

Once a line is clicked on, select Yes to the pop up and the posting will proceed and all the relevant commission due for the month will be placed in the 'Amounts due' section.
If there is no commission due to be posted, the following message will appear: