How do I record basic work entries?

CCD provides a means to maintain a record of all client related contact. This offers you the ability to accurately track and monitor all contact made and have access to accurate information straight from your desktop.

CCD can also calculate the amount of time you have spent working for a client, and (if you have entered sufficient hourly charge and cost details) how much you can charge for your service or how profitable a client is based on the commissions you receive.

In the following example we will record a telephone conversation with a client who is enquiring what the maximum contribution is for a cash ISA.

From the Main Menu select the Clients option on the left. Locate your client using the find record option at the top right of your screen. Click on the Work  option on the left hand side of the screen:

You are now presented with a list of all outstanding work entries for this client.To add a new work entry click on the + Add record option at the top right of your screen and confirm that you wish to add a new record. You are now be prompted to record the task group i.e what, generically, are you recording.

In this example we will record client contact.

The next box is task i.e. what specifically are you recording. In this example we are recording telephone conversation with client:

The system has now defaulted to show your staff reference under the Who box, identifying that it was you who completed the task. The date is the date the task was first started and has defaulted to the current date (as set on your computer) although this can be amended manually.

You are now able to record full details of the telephone conversation in the notes area of your screen. This is a free format text screen. Should you require any follow up action then this can be recorded in the box at the bottom of your screen.

A priority for this follow up can also be added on a scale of 1 to 5. You need to note when the follow up action should commence either by recording a number of calendar days of deferral or by recording a specific override date. If you wish the follow up to commence immediately then you should record the current date in the override box.

Finally, you can record who is to action any follow up. The system will default to whoever created the task but this can be amended manually.

A task will only become completed when all follow up actions have been finished. In this example, there are no follow up actions to start so we are able to complete the task immediately. To complete a task click on the Mark task complete option at the bottom left of the screen. If this has been done accidentally then you are able to incomplete a task by clicking on the relevant option on the bottom left of your screen.