How do I record sundry receipts and bulk renewals?

When completing the commission reconciliation process, there are occasions when items are received for which there is no corresponding client or policy record against which the commission item may be recorded.

Likewise, for the established IFA practice, there may be many historical renewal commission payments, making individual reconciliation impossible.

For this reason, CCD has the capability of recording individual commission entries which are related purely to the provider from whom the monies were received.

To record a sundry or renewal item, from the Main Menu navigate to Admin > Commissions > Receipts, click + Add record.

Create a receipt for the provider.

Click on the Reconcile tab at the top of the screen.
Click + Add record, the system will ask you to confirm whether you wish to record a sundry or renewal receipt.

The system will create an entry under 'Unspecified' in the case of a sundry receipt or 'Various' for renewals. Click on the green arrow to the right of the appropriate item.
The amount due may now be entered as required.