How do I retrieve and remove items from the diary?

CCD can be used to record follow-up action and diary events. Once this section has been used it will be necessary for each user to access their diary on a regular (daily) basis to check for items which have reached their diary date.

To access the user diary, from the main menu, click on Admin followed by either selecting the Diary today option from the left hand side of the screen, or clicking on the text for Personal diary due today text in the centre of the screen.  It is possible to print out a list of incomplete tasks from these pages:

To access a diary item, simply click on the line of text representing that item. You will be taken to the original work item, i.e. if it was a diary event created within a policy tasks page, you will be taken back to that policy.
To progress the diary item, enter the action taken in the notes field in the centre of the screen. If you require further time to complete this task, simply amend the diary date in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

If however, this action is now complete and no further action is required, select the Mark task complete text in the bottom left hand corner of the screen:

Note: that if a task is completed in error, this may be reversed by clicking on Mark task incomplete.