How do I unreconcile a receipt?

If a commission receipt is reconciled in error, CCD will allow it to be 'unpicked' to allow correct reconciliation.

Once a receipt has been reconciled it will show in the Settlements area in Admin > Commissions:

Click onto the settled receipt that needs to be unreconciled:

Use the Unreconcile this receipt and remove from settlements.  This will produce a pop up message:

Confirm Yes.  Once done a further message will appear:

Click OK.  The settlement will now be found in Receipts in the left hand menu as a part-reconciled receipt:

To remove an item of commission which has been incorrectly reconciled on this receipt, click onto the Allocated tab:

Click on the item which needs to be unreconciled:
Use the Un-allocate this item from the receipt.  This will undo the reconcile and put this item of commission back into the Amounts due queue waiting for reconciliation.