How do I use the review section?

The Admin area within CCD contains screens and reports to help you to remember to contact your client base when they are due to be reviewed. Within Admin > Reviews you will see a series of screens outlining when clients should be contacted.

The first screen shows any clients due for review within a specified month and year. These dates can be changed using the arrows next to Review month/Year fields:

The Renewals tab shows those clients contracts or schemes that are due for review:

The Maturities tab shows those contracts that are due to mature within a given date range:

The Valuations tab shows those Contracts, Schemes and Scheduled reviews that are due to have a valuation done. The contracts tab is shown on a daily basis, but you can select to look at the coming week by going to the Following 7 days tab at the bottom of your screen:

You can print a review list from each of the tabs, such as the Print valuation review list.