Where can I post client fees?

In order to reconcile regular fees, a monthly sweep up will need to be completed to move due amounts into the Amounts Due section of Commissions.  This must be done at least once a month, however if it is done more than once a month this will not cause a problem.

This is achieved by visiting your Admin section and entering the Commissions and Postings section:

Once in the Postings section you have five types of postings to sweep through:

We are interested in the fifth and final option, Post all regular fees due from clients. However, whilst in this screen it is just as easy to click on all four options, one after the other, if you deal with all of these types of commissions and fees.

You will receive the message Do you wish to post all client fees due for reconciliation? Which you need to answer 'Yes' to.

You will now be returned to the previous screen and any new regular fees due will have been added to your amounts due list and available to reconcile as soon as a receipt is entered for processing.