Admin reports

Within the Admin > Reports area of CCD is where most of the servicing reports can be found:

This screen contains shortcuts to some of the most popular CCD reports.

By using the menu to the side of this screen you will be able to view more reports and in particular specific client servicing reports.

In the Diary area the All clients of… will give an overall picture for an adviser of any client entries that need action.

In the Enquiries area the Schedule of all enquiries currently outstanding shows all outstanding client enquiries on the system.

Within the Reviews area you will find reports mainly showing reviews, renewals and maturities. One such report that will give you an overall picture of your client base is the List all plans due for renewal report.

Under the Compliance area you will find reports that will help you identify certain categories of business. The Schedule of replacement policy business report and Register of mortgage business below, may be of help when identifying client reviews.

Please remember that these are only a sample of the reports available. We would recommend that you look at each report individually to see which ones are most suitable for your business.