Adviser Pay Away Defaults

Once the company’s global ‘remuneration defaults’ have been set, each individual adviser’s ‘remuneration splits’ will now need to be entered. Firstly set the default % ‘remuneration split’.

This default split will be used if a type of remuneration has not had a split added, therefore we would always recommend adding one. Once the default split has been set, it is possible to add other % splits, depending on the type of remuneration being paid.

In the ‘Financial’ tab on the adviser record different % splits can be added for each type of remuneration paid. To add a new % split select the type of ‘remuneration’ from the drop down and click into this link:

This will then add the item to the list and a % split can then be input:

To add further remuneration splits repeat this process. When adding a piece of remuneration to a policy the % split specified for that type of remuneration will be applied. If no % has been specified for a type of remuneration then the adviser ‘default remuneration split’ will be applied.