Amending Provider Records

Go to the main providers list in the Set Up section of CCD. Click on the provider that you want to amend and enter the details of the main contact on the front page.  Once they have been added, click on the ‘More’ button on the bottom section to confirm what they are a contact for and where they are based (Office):

The other tabs contain ;


Lists of all enquries, pipeline(submitted) , written (in force) and paid business 


Lists all work and taks currently outstanding on policies linked to the provider

Scanned documents 

Allows documents to be scanned against the provider record


Extranet/Agecy allows you to add the provider extranet details giving ease of access in other areas of the system. Services will allow you to add providers to groups (Remuneration administrator, Discrecionary fund manger etc) Compliance will allow you to set a standard paragraph for this provider to be added to client letters using the message maker function. Remuneration is where you can store default remuneration details including the provider EDI settings. Notes for general notes relating to the provider