Bulk Updating Checklists - Using the Compliance Tab

If a new Group Scheme is added with a large number of members, it can be time consuming to complete the New Business and Compliance checklists for each individual record. There are 2 ways in which to bulk complete.

  • Using the Compliance tab on the import routine
  • Updating from within Admin > New Business or Compliance

When using the New Member import spreadsheet there is a tab called Compliance.  This can be used to complete all the fields on the Compliance checklist.

Click onto this tab.  The spreadsheet is quite long and has been split into the following two portions:

When completing these fields, the information entered on the first line can be used to populate the fields underneath by using the ‘down arrow’ under each heading name.

Repeat this if appropriate on all the fields on this checklist.  There is one field left on the checklist that cannot be completed.  This field is the final field on the checklist and is used to confirm that all other fields have been completed:

It is possible to bulk complete all of these fields for a number of checklists.  This can be done on the Admin > Compliance page of CCD.