Can I add a unitised with profit fund?

Unitised With Profit funds are not included as part of the Financial Express price feed. If you wish to use this type of fund within CCD it will need to be added manually. To add a Unitised With Profit fund, follow the steps below:

The first step is to add the fund. From the Main Menu click on the Setup link and then Products from the left hand side bar.

Click on the Other assets tab, click on the + Add record button to add a new asset to the list.

From the Asset Type list choose With profit. In the Asset Name field enter Unitised With Profits and from the Sector list choose the sector to which the fund is associated.

Now create the client holding in the usual manner, once you have created the client holding, you will need to choose the asset which you just created. Enter the client holding and click on the Details tab from the left hand sidebar and then the Assets tab.
Click on the + Add asset button. To select the asset, click on the Other tab and scroll through the list to select your Unitised With Profit asset, now click on the Position tab and enter the Current number of units and the Units current date.