Can I analyse client profitability?

Where the CCD system is used to its optimum it is capable of analysing client profitability to a detailed level. Each task would have the time taken to complete recorded against it, commission or fee income would be reconciled and an accurate comparison between time and earnings can be made. Alternatively, this same analysis could be used to justify a large commission payment for example.

To view the client profitability, from the Main Menu choose the Clients option and locate your chosen client using the Find record option at the top right of your screen. Now choose the Account option on the left and select the Summary tab at the bottom of your page. You will be presented with a summary of the client’s position including the time spent and a corresponding actual or notional charge. A summary of fee/commission will also be displayed, taking into account any payments to introducers and showing a net revenue figure. This leads to a ‘current balance’ demonstrating at a glance whether the client is profitable or not:
You are able to further analyse the figures supporting this summary by clicking on the tabs at the top of your screen. You can view a list of the time spent, commission / fees paid, commission / fee due or proposed. Each of these can be printed to support any fees to be charged or commission earned.

You are able to prepare an invoice to your client for any time spent, either because they are unprofitable or because you may have agreed a fee for a particular job. Click on the Fees tab at the top of your screen:
Click Create new client invoice and confirm that you wish to create a new invoice: 
The system will complete the client name and prompt you for a reference and the amount of the fee. Once complete, click on the Print options tab:
Select Create a printable invoice to print the invoice.

The fee will now appear as an amount due and adjust the client account accordingly.