Can I create a manual marketing campaign?

The process for creating your own marketing campaign is similar to that of the wizards, however you are able to search for more detailed information.

To select a manual campaign, go to the Marketing area as before, but select one of the two manual reports at the bottom of the screen.

Search client records...

Search holdings records...

You will note at this stage it is similar to a standard wizard.
At the bottom of this screen however is a link to View records as a data table.

This takes you into a report preview style screen where you will see more fields available for selection. Now using the Find mode of the system you can conduct greater searches for more specific information.

Once you have the results you need then the next option is to return to the CCD system using the link and continue through the screens to set up the campaign.

You will see the system list now matches the records you have selected in the data table.