Can I generate a letter to a provider within a holding record?

This article will explain how to create letters to providers from the clients holding record in CCD.

You will firstly need to have the provider contact details recorded in Setup > Providers. For further information please refer to article - Providers - adding Provider contact details.

Select the client and navigate to the relevant holding related to the provider you wish to create the letter for.

Select Tasks from the holding menu on the left hand side and select Add task from the top right:
An overview of the task will be displayed on the screen, select task arrow.jpg at the far right of the screen to display the full task screen:
Select the Message tab, in the Message to field, select Provider from the dropdown list and then select the Options link. This allows you to choose the appropriate contact from the provider to whom you wish to contact. Complete the other fields as appropriate:
Select either Generate Correspondence or Use Message Maker to generate the letter.

Generate Correspondence will allow you to free type a letter to the provider. Use Message Maker to create the letter from one of your existing templates.