CCD Diary

The diary in CCD can be viewed for the individual or for the company as a whole. The diary will show all work and tasks due.

You can view your own outstanding diary tasks in:

  • My notes > My diary
  • Admin Module

Viewing your diary in My Notes

Click on the yellow ‘post it’ note in the top right hand corner entitled ‘My notes’:

Once this has been selected, there are a set of tabs along the bottom of the page.  The middle of these is My Diary.

Viewing your Diary in the Admin Module

Navigate to the Admin Module and use either ‘Diary today’ or ‘Diary all’:

The diary can be viewed ‘By Individual’, ‘Everyone’, ‘By team’, ‘For adviser’ or by ‘Task groups’. ‘Task groups’ are where work flows have been created and these are covered in our Advanced CCD and Administration course.

‘Diary all’ will show all work/task due regardless of the due date.