Client Reviews

The first screen shows any clients due for review within a specified month and year. These dates can be changed using the arrows next to the relevant box.

Once a review has been completed for a client, or perhaps they have declined for this year, it is possible to roll forward the date to the next due date.

This can either be done for all the items showing in the list, or each item can be done individually.

Rolling forward all items at the same time

If the >Roll forward the review dates for the above clients button is used to roll forward all dates, the following appears:

If the Review dates are to be rolled over to their next scheduled dates (as shown in Clients > Servicing) use the ‘Scheduled’ button. 

If all the Review dates are to be moved to a fixed date in the future, record the date and click the ‘Fixed’ button.

Rolling forward reviews one by one

If the Reviews are to be moved one by one, use the blue arrow next to the date:

Select ‘Yes’ and these clients will be placed back into this diary for the appropriate month:

Once a Review is rolled forward, a line will be entered into the ‘Historic’ tab within Clients >Servicing.   In here the ‘Outcome’ of the review can be added:

Click onto the line entry and the following will appear.  The ‘Outcome’ can be recorded.