Client Servicing

Within the Clients Servicing screens there are a number of fields that can be completed in order to record next review and valuation dates.  

The top half of the servicing screen shows general information regarding the servicing proposition for the client.  The bottom half of the screen allows more detailed information to be added around valuations and reviews. 

It is possible to set up some standard servicing information within the Setup>Technical of CCD.   For instance, part of your servicing proposition to ‘Platinum’ clients may be to send valuations every 3 months and offer a review every 6 months.  However for ‘Gold’ clients, it could be a valuation every 6 months and a review each 12 months. 

This can be set up as follows:

Now that this has been set up, when you are on a client’s record and you chose a servicing proposition, the months for the ‘Valuations’ and ‘Reviews’ will automatically pull through.

Just complete the ‘Date of the next client valuation’ and ‘Date of next client review’.

Additional notes for servicing this client can be added.