How do I add a corporate holding?

This article will explain how to record a holding for a corporate client.

Locate your corporate client you wish to add the holding for from the Clients screen. Select Holdings from the menu on the left hand menu:
There are two tabs within Holdings. Use the Contracts tab to record holdings that the corporate client owns for their benefit. Use the Schemes tab to record the group schemes that are for the benefit of the employees.

Select Add record from the right hand side of the screen and confirm you wish to add a new holding. You will be asked to confirm whether this should be recorded for Info only or New Bus. If you are responsible for the compliance of the product and want it to appear on your new business register, select New Bus. If the corporate client already has the contract in place and you are recording it for your information, select Info only.

Complete the holding recording the details of the contract. Please see article - Adding a Holding from a client record.