How do I add a new client record?

Before creating your new client, it may be worth performing a simple find to ensure that the record has not already been partially entered.

Check for an existing record

Select the Clients option from the Main Menu of CCD. Click on Find record, enter your new client's surname and initials and hit enter on your keyboard. If any records are discovered, you will be presented with a list of matching records:

Create a new client record

Once you are satisfied that the client has not already been recorded on the system, click on the Add record option at the top of the screen. The system will then prompt you to confirm whether you wish to create a new client record:
Once you have confirmed that you wish to create a new client, you will then be able to complete your client details. Bear in mind when completing the name and address fields that they are case-sensitive and will be displayed in a letter in exactly the format you have entered them.Note: 

The company name field should only be used for corporate clients. The employer details will be held within the factfind.

Once you have completed the customer's telephone numbers, you can indicate on the system which is the preferred contact number by placing a checkmark in the appropriate circle.

The introduction field enables you to record from where the customer contact originated. This material can prove useful for marketing purposes, since you can judge, for example, how effective an advertisement in a local paper has been.

Enter Introducer details and Adviser details from the dropdown lists provided.

You can now record the address details of the client by clicking on the tab marked Postal address at the top of your screen:

You may record more than one address for each client so it is important to record which address you wish to write to client:

You may opt to write to the second address by placing a cross in the box at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have completed the contact details you may progress to the Personal area on the left of your screen:

You will note that the suggested minimum recommended information is to complete the date of birth and gender. You have the opportunity however to enter a great deal of further information regarding your customer such as their occupation or state of health. Please note that care should be taken when modifying the State of Health field, as your entry will appear in the printable Fact Find.