Can I add staff members to a corporate record manually?

This article explains how to add employees to your corporate client by manually entering the details. It is possible to create these records by importing from a spreadsheet and this is covered under a separate knowledge base article (see Corporate -Adding Staff Members - Importing details)

Individual emplyees are setup within the corporate client record. Select your corporate client and select Employees from the left hand menu:
Select Add record from the top right, you will be asked to confirm if you wish to create a new record and if you want to set the employee's second address to the their employer's address and if this it to be their default address. Complete the employee details, seleting each tab in turn:
If you would like complete further details for the new employee, you can access the employee's full client record by selecting Switch to Employee's Client record from the bottom right of the screen:
The full client record can now be completed in the normal way.
The new employee will be also be availble from the corporate client employee list: