Can I create a list of Christmas card names and addresses?

This article confirms how to export client names and addresses to send Christmas cards.

Firstly,  find a list of clients from within CCD.  This can be done from within the Client or Admin Module.

Once you have the list of clients in CCD, click on Data > Advanced > Export Records.
Once you have selected export records, a new box will appear:

Insert a name and change the Save as type: to .csv.  Also use this section to confirm where abouts on your PC this document should be saved.  Once done click Save.

Now the fields that make up the name and address and, if required, the salutation for the clients need to be found.

This is done by changing the Current Layout to Current Table ("Clients").

Once this has been selected the information in the Related Tables section will change to show all the fields which can be exported.

The items that will need to be selected and moved one by one are:

- Letteraddresseecalc
- Address 1, 2, 3, 4
- Post code
- Salutationcalc

Selected the first, and click on Move in the middle of the page:

Once this has been done for all of the required fields, this is what should be seen:

Now click Export.

The spreadsheet can now be located where ever it has been saved and used as required: