How do I add a batch of new members to a group scheme?

This article will explain how to add a batch of employees as members to a group scheme. A separate article shows how to add a single new member to your scheme (see related articles).

The clients have to first be set as an employees of the corporate client before they can be a members of any schemes.

From the corporate client, select Holdings and the Schemes tab, select the scheme you wish to add the employees to and navigate to the Membership screen:
To add a new member, select Add record from the top right of the screen. To add a batch of new members select Add a batch of employees to this scheme displayed in blue at the top of your screen. All employees will be listed with their current membership status:
Any employees who are existing members of the scheme will be identified by a red dot to the left of their name.To add a batch of new members you will be required to complete the 'Salary', 'Scheme section', 'Status' and 'Effective' if applicable.

Complete all the details for each member you wish to add. Any employess that will be added as a result of this exercise will have a green dot to the left of their name.

When completed select the Complete wizard and create member records blue link from the top of the screen and confirm you wish to add the employess to the scheme:

You will be returned to the membership screen where the new members will be listed: