How do I add new business?

You can record your client’s holdings, either as part of the fact finding process, or in the Clients module under the Holdings section of the system. In either case, you will be able to access existing provisions from both areas of the system, as these are designed to interact with one another.

Please note that by adding your client’s arrangements in the fact find, you are asked to record less information than in the Clients module, where greater detail can be recorded. For this reason we would suggest that new business is entered through the Clients module.

To enter new business navigate to Clients > Holdings
To enter a holding, you first need to choose the appropriate tabs. Is this policy wrapped?... go to the Products tab, or unwrapped?... go to the Other assets tab.

A wrapped holding comes under the banner of a product provider - i.e. a Mortgage, an I.S.A., a Bank Account, Life Cover etc. whereas, an unwrapped holding is a directly held asset i.e. their property, shares or art collection.

Select the appropriate tab then click on + Add record. You will be asked if the contract is joint or single and whether or not the contract should be added as info only or new business:
You can now enter the policy details. Once you have completed this screen navigate down the left-hand side completing all fields relevant to this product i.e. Contributions, Details, Administration, Tasks, Commissions and Submission.