How do I archive a holding?

This allows you to archive client policies which you may not want to appear in the clients holding schedule but may wish to access in future. The first step to archiving the policy is to navigate to Clients > Holdings and click on the holding you wish to archive, then click on the Product link.
Click on the Application status field which will take you to the layout below.  Change the Set holding status field to an appropriate choice.

Depending on what you select you will need to fill in either the Contributions ceased/cancelled/lapsed date or NTU/NPW date

Once the date has been entered you can now tick the Remove this case from the client's contract schedule

The below box will then appear:

Select OK and Return
Another message will appear:

Select whether you would like to remove this holding from the schedule.
One last message will appear:

The holding is now archived and should say Contributions ceased on ##/##/#### in the top left corner.
To view archived holdings, navigate to Clients > Holdings and click on the Filter holdings by dropdown list and select Archived holdings only.
You can also change the filter to show Current holdings only, All holdings and even individual product types.