How do I disassociate Client and Partner records?

If you wish to disassociate two clients on CCD, e.g. a Client and their respective Partner who are linked together (associated), follow the instructions below.

From the Main Menu, click on the Clients option and locate your lead client record. Click on the Personal option and then choose the Notes tab:

Located at the bottom right of this screen is a box with the System partner reference in light grey.

Click into this box and you will get the following pop up message:

Clicking on Yes will disassociate the two records.

You will now need to repeat this process on the partner's record.

If these clients also had a Factfind created together, then you will also need to remove the System partner reference from there.

N.B:- Before you separate the Factfind, please ensure that you have a PDF copy of the joint Factfind. Once you have removed the partner reference, you will no longer be able to view the joint Factfind on CCD.

Locate the first client, go to Personal and click on the Switch to the client's fact find link at the bottom of the page:
Once the joint fact find is opened click on Personal on the left and again you will see a link at the top of the page Remove the Clients Partner from the Fact Find. This will now allow you to create a new fact find for the client in single name.