How do I do a Group Pension Scheme batch increment?

When operating a Group Pension Scheme arrangement you may have a need to increment a number of members at one time, perhaps at salary review time. CCD is capable of managing this and this article will explain how.

Select your corporate client and select Holdings from the left hand menu and the Schemes tab:
Select the group pension scheme from the list of schemes and and select Membership from the left hand menu:
Select the blue link at the bottom of the screen - Create a batch increment. You will need to confirm you wish to create a batch increment and if you want to omit any members. You will then be taken through to the first stage of the 'Scheme renewal wizard':
Complete the information. Any information information completed on this screen will be applied to all cases in the batch increment. Once completed, select the blue link at the bottom of the screen - Process increments for the scheme's current membership:
The scheme renewal wizard will have four tabs to complete. The Audit trail tab is used to record relevant compliance details, if the information has been entered on the previous screen it will be pre-populated through. Alternatively you can manually enter the information into the fields.
Select the Salary increase tab:
The members current salary will be displayed in the Current salary and New salary columns. Enter the new salary in the New salary column, the Increase column will display the increase amount. To apply the increase, you can either select the Use option for each individual member to update individually. Alternatively you can perform a bulk update by using the blue link at the top of the screen - Insert system calculated salary increments.

When this has been completed for all members you may move to the Increment tab:
The information will be pre-populated, the Sal inc. column will have salary increase amount. In addition any death in service benefits and pension contributions both as a percentage and a monetary amount will have been calculated automatically.

To apply this increments you can either select View/Apply for each member or perform a bulk update using the blue link at the top of the screen - Automatically apply any increases in sums assured and contributions.

Finally, select the Commission tab to enter any commission details.

Once you have gone through all the tabs and completed the information, you can complete the batch increment. Select the blue link at the top of the screen - Process all increment information and complete wizard. Confirm that you have entered all details correctly and your batch increment will be completed. You will be returned to the Membership screen within the scheme.