How do I manage regular client fees?

CCD allows recurring fees to be scheduled and batch posted to the system ledger for subsequent reconciliation.

The system provides an unlimited number of fee profiles to be created for each client. Each fee profile consists of a Fee amount, frequency of collection, commencement date, end date and a fee collection override labelled Current fee (which needs to be set 'yes' for fees that you want to reconcile when received in).

To set up a fee profile, navigate to: Clients > Account > Fees > Fee set-up.
To set up a fee click on + Add record.  Complete the information as required.
Only complete profiles posted to the system ledger for reconciliation.
Fee profiles generate individual expectations of fee income from clients. These expectations are recorded in the system Ledger, where they sit as due items until reconciled.

To 'post' items to the Ledger, Navigate to: Administration > Commissions > Postings.

Select Post all regular fees due from clients.