How do I open documents previously added by 'Drag and drop'?

If you have a document that has been dragged & dropped into CCD (potentially in a previous version), you will now see that you get the message below when trying to open it:

This is due to the way in which newer versions of FileMaker (9.0+) handles documents.

To open these documents, you will need to right click on the document, click copy:

Then paste it on to your Desktop (right click on the Desktop, and choose Paste).
Please note: You can access your Desktop quickly, by pressing: Windows Key :
+ D 

Now you will need to go back into CCD, right click in the document, click on Insert File. Now find the document that you saved to the desktop, select and click on open.

The filename on the Desktop will be called ‘Scrap’ this may be followed by a number, depending on how many of these files you have on the Desktop at any one time

Please note: once you have done this for each document this will not need to be done again.