How do I prepare a client invoice?

The CCD system is capable of recording full details of any time spent managing and advising your clients. This time can be translated into an actual or notional cost depending on the hourly charge assigned to your staff members. By doing so you can easily identify your profitable, and more importantly, unprofitable clients.

A client invoice could then be issued for any shortfall. Alternatively, you may agree a fixed fee with a client to complete a particular job. In either case, the process of preparing a client fee is the same.

From the Main Menu, click on Clients and locate your client using the Find record option in the top right of your screen. Choose the Account sub-option on the left and you will be shown an overview of the client’s profitability since inception:
There are a number of options, which have additional detail available, for each one there is a More button in green on the right. Clicking on this will provide more details as appropriate.

To create a new invoice for your client, click on the Fees tab at the top of your screen:
You will be shown a list of all previously issued invoices. To create a new invoice, click on + Create new client invoice in the bottom right of your screen and confirm that you wish to prepare a client invoice. Input the level of fee you wish to invoice in the Amount due box. You may also input details of what the fee relates to in the Description of service provided box. For example, you might record “Invoice for quarter commencing 1st Oct to 31st Dec” or “Fee to arrange re-mortgage on property XYZ”.

Now click on the Splits tab. You may now record details of any pay-away of the fee, to an introducer or your adviser as required. There is also the Next tab which must be used by those of you who use the RMAR reports available from the Compliance module.  Complete the FSA required information for this fee.

When completed, click on the Print options tab, at the bottom right. Your invoice is now prepared and can be printed to issue to your client. This will now have created a fee expectation in your ledger.