How do I record servicing and review dates?

This article explains how to record both client and policy review dates.

When used in conjunction with the admin area and reports they make an effective way of utilising CCD to keep in touch with your clients.

Within the Clients > Servicing screens there are a number of fields that can be completed in order to record next contact details for the client:
The Servicing tab shows general information regarding the client’s consultant and a next valuation and client review date box. The valuation box is for information only as each policy has the ability to be individually valued.

The client review boxes on the bottom half of the screen are available to be reported on in the Admin > Reports > Reviews area of CCD.

To enter a date, complete the Date of next client review box and the Review every XX months box.

This will automatically work out the next review month and be ready to be reported on.

The Valuations tab shows the specific policy valuation date per policy that you select:
In order to select the holdings to appear on this list go to the Select tab:
To select the holdings that you wish to see on the list click in the Include box next to the holding.

When you now return to the Selected tab you will see the contracts that you have selected. You will also now see any valuation dates that were entered on the holdings record in the clients area.

The Reviews tab gives an overall policy review list showing all the next review dates and reasons:
The Review column shows the date of the next review (i.e. 3, 6 or 12 months in the future as detailed in the holdings record).  If the review dates for the policies need to be added and are to be the same date as the client reiew date, use the Set all Review dates to Thursday 01 March 2007.

At the bottom of this screen there is a report Create a contract review schedule which can be produced which shows all of the policies and when there review is due.