How do I set up client address correspondence details?

This article will explain how to record multiple addresses for clients and how a default address can be set for correspondence purposes.

CCD allows multiple addresses for clients and provides settings to determine on a per-client basis, which address to use. You can also record settings which determine (again on a per client basis) the formality of the addressee, for example 'Mr J Smith' or 'James Smith'.

Where a client has an associated client - a partner, there is a setting to default the correspondence either to the individual client or to the client and partner. You can also be sensitive of the marital status of the client and partner. For example an unmarried couple can be recorded formally as 'Mr J Smith and Miss L Brown'.

The settings which determine the format of the correspondence are located in Clients > Postal address:
Up to two addresses can be recorded for the client, a Primary and Other.

The bottom half of the screen allows you to select how the correspondence should be addressed. The Private drop list will allow you to indicate if the clients wants their correspondence headed up 'confidential'.
The Address letters to drop down list allows you to set if the client wants letters addressed to them individually or to include the partner.
The Salutation  drop down list allows you to select how formal the client wants the correspondence to be - for example:
Formal = Mr J Smith
Informal = James
From salutation = Jimmy

The default will be used when creating correspondence within Tasks:
The defaults can be amended if required prior to creating the correspondence.