How do I setup a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS)?

This article will explain how to set up Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) in CCD.

Select the corporate client and go to Holdings > Schemes:
Select +Add record from the top right. Enter the basis of the SSAS and select the Contacts tab to enter the principal scheme contacts and both member and other trustees.  Complete the other tabs as required:
Once completed select Sch Assets from the left hand menu to add the schemes assets. Contract based assets are added within Contracts > Assets:
Select Add record to enter full contract details. With contracts it is possible to earmark an asset to individual member within the SSAS. Use the Earmarked member field on the following page.  Select Switch to full record at the bottom right of the screen to complete the remaining screens as you would for a normal contract:
Once completed return to the SSAS's assets screen. Any borrowing based contracts, like mortgages and loans, can be added in Contracts > Borrowing:
Continue to add the SSAS contracts in the same way.
Directly held assets are recorded within the Directly held tab:
Select Add record from the top right and select the asset. The asset can be selected either from the Financial Express database or a custom asset within the Other tab:
If a custom asset is selected, they will have a bid price of £1.00. Select the relevant asset and enter the number of units:Once all the assets have been recorded the Administration, Tasks and Commissions screens can be accessed and updated.

Employees of the corporate client can be added to the SSAS in the Membership screen, select the employee from the Staff member drop down:
When the employee details have been entered select Add this member to the scheme at the bottom right of the screen. The employee will now be a member of the SSAS.