How do I update a SIPP Trustee Bank Account?

This article will explain how to update the trustee account within the SIPP once the basic details have been setup during the initial contribution into the SIPP.

You will firstly need the SIPP holding and the trustee account created, please refer to the relevant articles for more information.

When the initial contribution is added to the SIPP, you will be navigated to the trustee account holding so that it can be setup in full. If the trustee account did not get completed in full at that stage it can be accessed at a later date to update.

The trustee account holding can be accessed from the SIPP holding > Details > Assets - Bank Accounts:

Select Switch to full record at the bottom of the screen, you will be navigated through to the full holding record for the trustee account:
Update the trustee account record from here.  To update the balance, navigate to Details.

You can return to the full SIPP record from any screen by using the link at the top right of the screen - Switch to full SIPP.