Where can I add Direct Debit Mandate details?

From CCD you can generate standard form Direct Debit Mandates which can be used in the collection of fees from clients.

Direct Debit Mandates are more flexible than Standing Order Mandates (which can also be generated from the CCD) as they put you in control of the amount collected and the amount can vary from month to month so long as you give an agreed amount of notice to the client from whom you are collecting.

In order to use a Direct Debit Mandate, you must firstly obtain acceptance from your Bank. See related article, entitled "Accounts - becoming authorised to use Direct Debit Mandate".

Your bank will give you a Direct Debit Instruction number (called an Originator's Identification Number) together with the software that you will need to process collections.

The CCD has a template Direct Debit Mandate and this can be printed, completed by clients and either retained by you or issued to your bank depending on the collection process that you have elected. (See related articles).

Before issuing Direct Debits to your clients, the template mandate in CCD needs to be personalised and to do this you need to access the system setup screens. Setup > User information > Banking.

Enter your Service User Number in the fields provided. Also enter the number of days notice that you will give to clients before varying your collection.

You are now ready to commence issuing Direct Debits. To do so, select the client to whom you wish to issue an instruction. Then select screen Clients > Account > Fees > Mandates.