Completing a File Review

Once a piece of new business has been selected, either automatically or manually, it can be accessed in two areas.

The 4 tabs at the bottom of the page will show the following information:

Administration - gives details of dates and information of when the recommendation was made and submitted.

Compliance - shows the dates of the compliance documentation.

Remunerations - shows an overview of any remuneration received for the business. 

Scanned docs - will give you access to all the documents attached to this business (but only if you have a document management system).

The tabs along the top will need to be completed for the File Check:

If the ‘Remuneration Suppressed’ box is checked, any remuneration will not be released for reconciliation. Once the File check has been fully completed and any remedial action taken, the checker can then release the remuneration for reconciliation. If this is an option, that is required with the business, this can be set up within the Setup > Technical > Remuneration.

By choosing ‘Selected’ from the dropdown box, every file which has been selected for file checking will have its remuneration suppressed, i.e. not available for reconciliation until the case has been checked and the reviewer has unchecked the ‘Remuneration Suppressed’ box on the file check.

The file monitoring form is a two page PDF document.