Adding an initial contribution to a SIPP

The contributions screens of a SIPP act as an audit trail of monies received into the SIPP and where that money has been allocated to.  

If an existing asset (directly held or contract based) is being transferred in specie into the SIPP then this needs to be entered as a contribution (value of the asset) and then the funds allocated to the asset.

When adding the first/initial contribution to the Trustee Bank Account you will see a three part screen. This three part screen is only seen for the first contribution on subsequent contributions only the bottom two sections will be seen. 

The following series of pop up boxes will then appear:

Once the above boxes have been completed, the system will go to the ‘Trustee Account’ > ‘Product’ screens:

If all the information (Account number etc. ) have been added on the previous screens, then use the link to switch back to the full SIPP.