Populating data for regulatory reports - RMAR Summary

Due to regulatory changes and the introduction of additional regulatory reports in CCD to assist with the completion of the Retail Mediation Activities Return, some additional data should be captured in your system.

In some cases the fields have always been present, but have not always been completed. Other fields are new (such as the ‘one off’ service flag) and will require completion where appropriate to ensure your regulatory reports contain the correct data.

To enable you to review and identify gaps in your data, we have introduced a new table which allows you to search on several fields and view your data in a table format. The relevant fields can be updated in this table view or exported to a spreadsheet for review, with the option to update the spreadsheet and import back into CCD.

This section guides you through the important points you need to consider when reviewing and updating your data.

If you are uncertain on any of the points in this document or have any additional questions, please contact the Customer Support Team before starting this process.

To access the table navigate to Admin > Remuneration and click on View RMAR field summary:

The table will initially display the last set of records you were working on within the ‘commrec’ table:

You will need to narrow down the data to the date range you are looking to report on. The following date fields can be used:

In the example below, we will search for items dated between 01/01/2013 – 30/06/2013 using the createddate field. Click on the link at the top left of the screen Create a new found set and enter the date range 01/01/2013…30/06/2013 in the createddate field:

Press enter to return your found set:

The following fields are included in this table:

Please note: The fields contained in the table above will only update the individual remuneration record. This means that any changes made on this table will not update any future remuneration records. To ensure that your records are correct going forwards, you should ensure the associated Client, Holding and Scheme records are fully complete. Changes made at the top level will cascade down to the future remuneration records as appropriate.

You have two ways of updating the fields:

  1. Update on the table view within CCD
  2. Export the found set of data to a spreadsheet, update and import back into CCD.

Please read the following sections to decide what option is most suitable for your business.