Regulatory Reports

There are regulatory reports, which are accessed by clicking into Regulatory on the main menu:

All of these reports need information to be completed elsewhere in CCD. For instance, the T&C Advice type analysis requires information to be recorded in Setup > User Info > T&C Advice types:

This information is then used in the following report:

If all of the critical fields have been completed on your new business, invoice and remuneration records then the RMAR reports should complete without further input. Should you want to check that all reporting fields have been added then navigate to Admin > Remuneration and select the RMAR field summary.

Here you can view and amend any information that has been input incorrectly or not recorded on the original record. 

If you require more information on how the RMAR reports are compiled and what information is required to ensure accurate reporting please contact the Support Desk on 0800 028 0033 and request the detailed guides for section J, K & L.