How do I add Continuous Professional development (CPD) records?

A key part to providing evidence of the competency status of your advisers is the ability to demonstrate their on-going development. In the industry this is referred to as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and this document aims to show you how to record these details in the Compliance module.

From the Main Menu click on Compliance on the left hand side of your screen and click on the adviser concerned to select them. Click on the Adviser T&C button on the left of your screen followed by the Development sub-option on the left hand side. Click on the development need to which the CPD relates:
Click on the CPD tab at the top of your screen and you will be shown a list of any previously recorded CPD records relating to this development need. To add a new record click on + Add record in the top right of your screen and confirm that you wish to record a new CPD record:
Enter the Date of training and a brief description of the task undertaken in the CPD description box. It is possible to record an amount of minutes taken or awarded to the task. Whilst it is not necessary to complete a minimum number of hours per year, it may be useful to record the amount of time being spent to prove a comprehensive training plan is being adhered to. Record full details of the CPD undertaken, perhaps including details of the course material or the conference agenda as appropriate. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the exact nature of the development undertaken and so should be comprehensive in its nature.

When all of the details have been entered you may complete the record, to do this click on Complete CPD record at the bottom of your screen.