How do I deal with Complaints in CCD?

It is important that you keep a record of any complaints that your clients may make and the detail of their dissatisfaction. CCD allows you to enter this information, along with the detail as to how you have dealt with this complaint, the timescales and what the outcome is.

To register a complaint, from the front page of CCD go to Compliance > Registers > Complaints. You will now be presented with a list of any existing complaints that you have ongoing:
To log a new complaint click on + Add complaint record:

You can now start capturing the information regarding who has complained and why. When you reach the Client reference field, click on select from the list of clients and this will allow you to search CCD to find the client’s record to attach to the complaint:

Your clients are listed alphabetically so amend the letter at the top right of your screen to find the client who has complained. Then click on Select to the right of the relevant client.

Continue to progress down the screen using the dropdowns, where supplied, to enter the details.

If you need to action any tasks, as a result of this complaint, you have a Tasks tab which works in exactly the same manner as the clients’ diary.

If this matter has to be referred to the Ombudsmen, complete the Client Response field and if you state that the Ombudsmen have been contacted, this will enable the Ombudsman tab along the top of your screen:

The Remedial tab can also be used to record any further actions required:

All complaints that are logged into CCD will be used to compile a Complaints register. This can be accessed via the Reports section of the Compliance module, under the subsection of Registers.

You have now completed this task.