How do I record development needs in Compliance?

Part of a comprehensive compliance plan would be a register of identified development needs for your staff. The Compliance plug-in allows you to maintain such a record and this document shows you how to add a new development need.

From the Main Menu click on Compliance on the left hand side of your screen and click on the adviser concerned to select them. Click on the Adviser T&C  button on the left of your screen followed by the Development sub-option on the left hand side:
You will be shown a list of any previously recorded development needs which are not yet signed off as complete. To add a new entry, click on + Add record in the top right of your screen and confirm that you wish to add a new record for this adviser.

Update the Development identified box at the top of your screen, this is an editable field and therefore can be changed to suit your needs. Record the Objective of the training i.e. generically what is the adviser aiming to achieve by undertaking this development.

You should now record the methods or type of training to be undertaken to meet the development need. To do this enter the details in the Method/s of training to be used fields remembering to include details of who would conduct the training (By who) and when it should be completed by (By when).

As and when component parts of the training have been completed you should update the Complete box to identify that this part of the training has been completed. You should also update the /date box with the date the training item was completed.

Your screen appears as follows:
To complete a development record, update the Results achieved box, under the Results tab, with relevant comments on the completion of the training plan – what has the adviser learned from this exercise?

The development need may then be passed, if appropriate, and this is recorded in the Overall result box. If the adviser has failed for any reason then a new development need(s) can be recorded for more specific areas. Update the Signed off by box with details of the person authorising the completion of the development record and the date of this authorisation in the Date of sign off box.